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Hunter Biden’s Buried Charges Surface – They Could Sink Joe’s Campaign Like The Titanic

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I think we’ve found Joe Biden’s Achilles Heel.

His son, Hunter.

Though Joe does plenty to hurt his reputation – he’s still saying creepy things, for instance – Hunter’s past is a bigger problem.

We already have the Ukraine issue, as well as the “baby mama” scandal, which involves a former stripper.

But wait, here comes another:

Hunter Biden was actually arrested back in 1988!

Via Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden’s son Hunter was arrested on Jersey Shore drug charges in 1988 and had his record expunged at a time when his father was pushing for the incarceration of drug offenders drawn disproportionately from minority groups.

Oh man, the irony!

Right around the time Joe Biden was fighting the drug war, his son was actually PART of that culture.

And here’s another significant point– this arrest was not reported.

Okay, so Hunter Biden has a buried criminal record, and he was given a high-ranking position in a foreign company.

It’s not looking good for Joe, either.

Just a year after Hunter’s arrest, Biden gave a speech where he said we needed to “hold every drug user accountable.”

Well, that doesn’t include your son, I guess. His report was kept secret and he got a job with a lucrative salary.

Oh, and Hunter was never punished, either. He escaped charges.

This does not bode well for Joe’s campaign: his family’s criminal activity, hiding that activity, and getting away with that activity.

Not lookin’ good for 2020, Joe!

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Source: Washington Examiner