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Joy Behar Tells Democrats To Attack Ivanka Trump And POTUS’ Family If They Want To Win

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Joy Behar is telling Joe Biden and other Democrats to start attacking Trump’s family if they want to beat him in 2020.

It is a shameless call to action Joy and the gang at the View think it smart politics because Hunter Biden is a campaign issue.

The differences between Ivanka Trump and Hunter Biden are too numerous to mention and the comparison falls flat.

But that didn’t stop the ladies on The View. The ironic thing is Ivanka is a moderate who actually likes and pushes for some Dem ideas she agrees with like paid family leave.

Attacking someone like that who could help them is why the Dems are a party in decline.

Joy said: “I think that Biden himself —I really see him as a very viable candidate, Joe Biden still…but I think he needs to go out there and really shame them and play the — not victim card, but the aggrieved father car.:

“He has lost two children, Joe Biden has. He has one son left, and these shameless people are attacking his son. The one boy that he loves still that he has to go home to at night. That is the real truth of the situation.”

Behar went on, “The Burisma thing is nepotism, and let’s just call it what it is. It’s just nepotism, and if you are going to talk about nepotism, look at Trump’s family. It’s all over the White House.”

Never Trumper and totally hysteric who has been wrong about everything Ana Navarro chimed in: “That’s exactly what Joe Biden should be doing. He should be talking about nepotism in Washington.”

“He should,” Behar added.

Sunny Hostin chimed in bringing up Ivanka Trump: “The one thing nobody is talking about is Ivanka Trump, after taking a role in the White House, who got all of these Chinese patents for things she had been begging to get before getting into the White House. Nobody wants to talk about that!”

“I don’t know why,” Behar said. “The Democrats have to get tough.”