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Skeleton Crawls From Adam Schiff’s Closet, Exposes Him As Hypocrite on Impeachment

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Many Americans, after seeing Adam’s Schiff’s terrible performance over the last three years are wondering how in the hell did this clown get elected.

Adam Schiff leaked and lied to try to destroy Trump and paint him as a Russian narrative. It was dishonest and arrogant and Schiff has not stopped his violations.

Schiff also led the Dems impeachment sham and started that by literally making stuff up about Trump’s call with Zelensky.

The guy literally lied on the floor of Congress. But the leaking and media hit jibs he did on Trump should make everyone question who this guy is.

Well, it turns out he is a rank hypocrite. He got elected running against the guy who led the impeachment against Bill Clinton. He called Bill’s impeachment a “partisan impeachment” that “polarized our nation.”

Let’s hope history repeats and some GOP candidate will take down Schiff in 2020.

From Town Hall:

In 2000, a California State Senator named Adam Schiff decided to challenge his local sitting Republican Congressman, James Rogan.  Amid a leftward shift in the district and the state, Schiff sought to unseat the incumbent in what turned into one of the most expensive Congressional races of all time (at least at the time).  One of the reasons the contest attracted so much outside cash was that it was seen as a proxy fight over the issue of…impeachment.  Schiff’s campaign targeted Rogan for his leading role in the 1998 case against President Clinton, featuring the issue as a potent lightning rod, especially on the fundraising front.  Here’s how the Los Angeles Times covered Schiff’s victory:

State Sen. Adam Schiff claimed victory today in his bid to unseat Rep. James E. Rogan–a contest supercharged by a national audience and record spending…Rogan’s central role as a House prosecutor during President Clinton’s trial before the U.S. Senate–in which he declared Clinton “a monarch, subversive of, or above, the law”–made his reelection a national cause celebre and a $10.3-million-plus spend-a-thon. By election day, it was on pace to become the most expensive House race ever. True believers of both the right and the left fervently trolled for votes until the last moment Tuesday…Throughout most of the campaign, impeachment haunted the race like a powerful, unmentionable poltergeist…Big donors to [Rogan’s] campaign were offered a poster of Rogan and the rest of the House impeachment managers.

A USA Today piece highlighted on Schiff’s 2000 campaign website noted that “Democratic polling data says 44% of the voters in the district are less likely to support Rogan because of his role as a prosecutor in Clinton’s impeachment.” The website also accused Rogan of “[ignoring] his district in favor of pursuing national ideological crusades,” pledging that Schiff would focus on “bi-partisan solutions.”  The swipe at Rogan’s misplaced focus called to mind this recent scooplet.  Writing at the National Interest, Peter Hasson quotes several contemporaneous news reports describing the Schiff campaign’s exploitation of impeachment to raise funds and argue that the incumbent was a partisan obsessive:

“Impeachment as a political issue has all but disappeared from America’s political radar in this election, with even Al Gore refusing to make the partisan death match of 1998 and 1999 a campaign issue in the year 2000. But here, in California’s 27th District, Rogan’s battle with Democratic state Sen. Adam Schiff seems the last bloody battle of the impeachment war,” Anthony York recounted in an October 2000 Salon article. Schiff “used impeachment as a fundraising tool,” York noted in the article, which the Daily Caller News Foundation reviewed using research service LexisNexis. “Schiff’s campaign literature hammers away on Rogan’s role in the impeachment proceedings,” The Washington Post noted in a May 2000 article.

Hasson also cites an article describing a Schiff appeal to donors that decried “the partisan impeachment hearings that polarized our nation for so long,” and reviled Rogan as one of the chief polarizers.  Remarkable stuff, in light of today’s events.