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Trump Steals Dems Impeachment Thunder With Historic Pharma Deal

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While the Democrats walk the plank with impeachment, Trump is tirelessly working on the behalf of the American people.

Do you really think the Democrats are doing the same or are they just appealing to a small but rabid part of their base?

Leadership is what is required in times like these, a willingness to walk across the aisle and get things done.

As Trump did again today with the announcement of a historic pharma deal. Look, everyone knows medical costs keep rising faster than the average consumer can keep up.

Trump has tried various methods to fix the problem but the politicians in Washington are beholden to the drug industry so he found a way around the do-nothing democrats and other entrenched interests.

So today Trump cut through the noise and announced two rules that will lower drug prices for American citizens

Trump will allow states to import drugs from Canada and will make it easier to import less-expensive international versions of the drugs sold.

“For the first time in history, HHS and FDA are open to importation as a means to lower drug prices,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said.

“No president in history has had an FDA willing to open the door to safe importation of drugs from Canada.”

From The Washington Examiner:

The first would permit states to draw up plans for importing drugs from Canada detailing which pharmacies or wholesalers would bring FDA-approved drugs to the United States.

The second proposal would allow drugmakers to use a new drug identification code for medications they sell abroad, allowing them to import versions of the FDA-approved drugs that they sell in foreign countries into the U.S. at lower prices…

“We’re moving as quickly as we possibly can under the regulatory process of the Administrative Procedures Act,” Azar said.

“I can only assure you that President Trump is fervently committed to bringing down drug prices, fervently committed to the importation of safe drugs from Canada, ending foreign free-riding.”