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Trump Proven Right As Puerto Rico Admits Aid Found Was For Hurricane Maria And Never Used

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In a stunning turn of events, the massive amounts of lifesaving American aid found hidden in Puerto Rico were originally sent for Hurricane maria.

The media, the Democrats, and especially San Jose Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz all need to apologize to Trump.

They blamed him for aftermath of the tragedy and took cheap shots no one could ever defend.

Trump, of course, hit back at the unfair attacks and instead suggested maybe the corruption on the island had something to do with their situation.

Seems Trump was right as two more officials just got canned after the shocking and vindicating discovery.

Housing Secretary Fernando Gil and Department of Family Secretary Glorimar Andújar were just fired. Sunday.

Carlos Acevedo, director of Puerto Rico’s Office of Emergency Management was the first head to roll.

From Fox News:

The pallets of bedding, food and medical supplies sat wrapped in plastic and unused in a warehouse for more than two years while Puerto Ricans suffered through the aftermath of a devastating hurricane and, recently, an earthquake. Now their discovery has triggered a political firestorm.

On Sunday, Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vázquez fired two more officials in the most recent development since anger broke out over a viral video showing unused emergency supplies – allegedly left-over aid from Hurricane Maria – sitting in a warehouse in the southern coastal city of Ponce.

“There are thousands of people who made sacrifices to bring aid to the south and it’s unforgivable that resources have been kept in a warehouse,” the governor’s initial statement said.

In Ponce,  thousands remain in shelters since a 6.4 magnitude quake struck the island two weeks ago.