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Mitt Romney Turns On President Trump – Sides With Pelosi, Says He Wants To Hear New Senate Testimony

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Oh, Mitt Romney. We used to like you. That is, until you let us down in 2012.

Since then, the man seems to have devolved into madness. Perhaps he’s just jealous that Trump did what he could not do: become president.

He seemed chummy with Trump when he was running for Senate. But once he entered office, he let the mask drop.

Romney just might be another D.C. swamp dweller, eager to please Democrats and the status quo.

He just further proved that theory with his latest statement on impeachment.

From Washington Examiner:

“I would like to be able to hear from John Bolton. What the process is to make that happen, I don’t have an answer for you,” Romney told reporters on Monday.

Romney is the first GOP senator to speak up since Bolton vowed to help the Senate.

Wow. Seems like Romney is unwilling to stand with the GOP against the left’s unjust impeachment scheme.

He seemed open to supporting Chuck Schumer’s bogus attempt at finding more dirt on the president.

The House Democrats failed to convince Americans that Trump committed an impeachable offense. That’s why Pelosi is sitting on her articles.

Schumer seems to want to forever dig for dirt to doom the president. This, despite the fact that for the last three years, Trump’s name has been cleared again and again.

Mitt Romney should be the last person to side with Chucky. Schumer is an established Democrats who has opposed every last reform of the Trump administration.

Schumer does not want Trump winning for Americans. Which is why he and his party is working so hard to remove him.

Why would Romney be eager to help him? Bolton has nothing new to say about this case. Perhaps he wants to throw Trump under the bus, after he failed as National Security Adviser.

After all, who doesn’t want to torch their old boss?

Romney, like the rest of the GOP, should be standing up to the left.

He should be eager to clear Trump’s name.

Instead, he’s playing the same old tired D.C. politics games.

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Source: Washington Examiner