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After Impeachment Romney Turned On Trump – Mitt’s Own State Is Turning Against Him, His Approval Sinks

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Mitt Romney has been pretty wishy-washy over impeachment. As a Republican (and supposedly honest lawmaker) he should be appalled at what the Democrats have done, right?

But he can’t seem to take a stand with the rest of the Republican Senate.

You might think he just can’t get over his 2012 loss. And that Trump won the Presidency that Romney lost (and you’d probably be right). Sure, he’s had some old spats with with Trump.

But Donald endorsed the man in 2018 and he won his senate seat in Utah. Romney should be grateful that the president was behind him, right?

Wrong. Romney seems to be giving some weight to the left’s impeachment by being open to more witnesses for the Senate trial.

Bad move, Mitt. And it seems like your own state thinks so too.

From Washington Examiner:

Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney lost support from Republicans and independents in his home state during the weeks after he called for witnesses in President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial…

The poll shows the senator’s approval rating falling among Utah Republicans from September through December 2019, and independents also shifted to disapproving of Romney over the quarter.

Ouch. After Mitt Romney voiced support for the Democrats’ impeachment trial scheme, his approval among Utah Republicans and independents dropped.

Let’s be honest, this is not just about his statement on witnesses. The lines are pretty much drawn over impeachment.

The House Democrats rushed their impeachment inquiry, refused to wait for the courts, and forced a partisan vote along party lines, with 3 Democrats breaking rank and one of them switching to the GOP.

But Mitt is acting like he can stay neutral in this fight? We think the battle lines are pretty clear: you’re with the far-left Democrats trying to remove the duly elected president or you’re with Trump and the GOP.

Many leading Republicans have made it clear they are against this impeachment. Romney, a senator from the very conservative state of Utah still seems to want to ride the line.

And it looks like that is why his approval is dropping.

If he continues his charade during the trial, it might not go well with him come re-election.

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Source: Washington Examiner