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2020 Candidate Calls For Democrat Charges – He Wants Pelosi, Schiff And Nadler Held Accountable

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Democrats have decided to go ahead with their scheme to impeach Trump.

Despite having an extremely weak case, they sealed their party’s fate. They are even trying to deny the Senate their lawful right to hold a trial.

Funny how these liberals don’t think any of this will blowback on them.

They assume that Americans will sit back happily and buy into their story.

But already the winds are changing. Americans are outraged that Democrats would pull this stunt.

Now a 2020 candidate is calling for a most serious consequence.

From Red State:

Press release from Bobby Jeffries, who is running for Congress in PA-10 calling for pro-impeachment Reps to be charged with treason:

And here’s the rest:

Bobby Jeffries is a candidate who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania.

He is calling for every Democrat representative who voted for impeachment to be charged with treason.

Calling their impeachment a “coup” he wants “every single Democrat member of the House” to face this penalty.

He accuses them of insulting our rule of law and undoing the election of Donald Trump.

While this is a longshot, it shows you the level of anger many Americans are feeling. Democrats thought they could push an impeachment, even as the country stood against it.

They continue to undermine the process by trying to hold the Senate hostage.

It has to stop.

Democrats might not be charged with treason, but they have to face the music.

Americans must send a message to Congress that we demand they follow the law. And uphold our democracy.

Democrats must learn they are not “rulers.” They can’t change our government simply because they don’t like the president.

The best way to send that message? Vote them out of power once and for all.

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Source: Red State