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Trump Pulls Iran Curtain On John Kerry – Drops Logan Act On Him And Democrat Senator Chris Murphy

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Donald Trump has dedicated his presidency to putting Americans first. That includes how he works with foreign nations.

But it seems there are some people in Washington that are trying to undermine his stance with certain countries.

It looks like some Democrats are even breaking the law to go behind the administration’s back. All to help a country that is an actual enemy.

Well, the president is fed up, and he’s calling out these liberals: John Kerry and Sen. Chris Murphy.

From Twitter:

John Kerry and Senator Chris Murphy grossly violated the Logan Act with respect to Iran. If a Republican did what they did, there would be very serious ramifications!

President Trump dropped the gauntlet on both John Kerry (former Secretary of State under Obama) and Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy.

Apparently, these men have been negotiating and meeting with Iranian leaders, unofficially and without the approval of the U.S. government.

According to the Logan Act, that is against the law. Only Americans authorized by our government can meet with foreign nations and broker deals.

It’s no secret John Kerry has a history of meeting with Iran, disobeying the wishes and will of our government.

Recent reports reveal Chris Murphy met with Iranian leaders recently, perhaps to negotiate some deal.

But both were not authorized by our government (Congress or the White House) to do what they did.

Some reports say Kerry was actually aiding Iran by telling them how to get around sanctions by the president!

Shocking, to be sure.

President Trump called out both men. He made a good case for an investigation by Barr’s Justice Department, saying if Republicans did what they did, they’d be in big trouble.

Does the rest of the Democratic Party really not care if Kerry and Murphy are breaking the law? Shouldn’t they at least investigate, to make sure nothing fishy is going on?

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Source: Twitter