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Joe Biden Flubs Speech, Endorses President Trump For Re-Election By Mistake

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The Democrats in their panic are going to fall right into Trump’s trap but this time they will choose an even worse establishment candidate than Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden has taken some very bad votes in his 30 tenure in the swamp and has pushed for many bad policies that adversely affected Americans.

Even worse for the left – Biden is not an inspiring campaigner, never has been, nor is he a great public speaker – this has nothing to do with his stutter, he doesn’t have the natural cadence of a showman, doesn’t pause at the right spots, doesn’t deliver the knockout line effectively.

If he was the guy he would have made it before. And that is the mistake the left makes – the safe choice rarely wins.

From Newsweek:

Joe Biden mistakenly endorsed President Donald Trump during a speech in St. Louis, and Donald Trump responded with “I agree with Joe!” on Twitter.

In his speech, former vice president Joe Biden said, “We cannot get reelected, we can not win this reelection, excuse me, we can only re-elect Donald Trump.”

Dan Scavino, Assistant to the President and Director of Social Media at the White House, tweeted a video of Biden’s mistake and called him Sleepy Joe, which is the President’s nickname for Biden. Trump then retweeted the video, agreeing with Biden’s mistaken endorsement.

Biden has made similar gaffes recently, including calling himself an “O-Biden Bama democrat” and saying that he is running for the United States Senate.

Trump recently mocked Biden over a mistake when Biden said he was looking forward to Super Thursday instead of Super Tuesday. At a campaign rally in Texas, Biden said, “Look, tomorrow is Super Thur… Super Tuesday,” and realizing what he had said, added, “I tell you what, I’m rushing ahead, aren’t I?”

Then during a campaign speech in North Carolina, Trump commented on the mistake and said, “I thought he gave up the presidency the other day. He said he’s running for the Senate. I looked at the first lady, I said, ‘Hey, he’s running for the senate.’”

Trump then added, “And today, he just said ‘Super Thursday.’ He’s looking forward to Super Thursday.”