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After Democrats Call For Barr To Resign – Trump’s AG Orders Federal Prosecutors To Investigate Russia Probes

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Democrats seemed to hate Attorney General Barr from day one. Perhaps it has something to do with his long record as an effective lawman.

And his tireless devotion to the president.

It’s no secret that the DOJ has more than a few black marks on its record. We still wonder what the agency was up to during the 2016 election. We, and a few million Americans.

The left has been criticizing Barr for reviewing how the DOJ’s been handling itself. Some even demand his resignation.

I mean, wow! Allow the Attorney General review his own agency? The man must be mad!

But it looks like Barr has responded—by firing back.

From Fox News:

Attorney General Bill Barr has tapped a growing number of federal prosecutors across the country to review high-profile Russia probes involving Trump associates and consider emerging allegations tied to Ukraine, in a bold but risky move that comes as he faces mounting criticism and even resignation calls from congressional Democrats who allege he’s protecting the president.

AG Barr is expanding his look into the DOJ’s antics pre-Trump by tapping prosecutors across the nation.

He’s hiring them to review the high-profile Russian probes the DOJ conducted during and after the 2016 election.

These are the very probes the left wants him to ignore. The very reason they want him gone. But not only is Barr refusing to crumble to their attacks, but he’s fighting back like a man possessed.

For years, Americans have been demanding answers over Obama’s FBI and CIA probes against Trump. Few people doubt there was a scheme to take down Trump with bogus allegations about Russia.

They got Robert Mueller and his team looking for proof for three years!

And you mean to tell me the DOJ did nothing wrong? They went after Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and numerous other men just because they know Trump.

It’s not hard to imagine the deep state was trying to get to Trump through these men. If they could put the heat on them, then maybe they’d turn on Trump.

Few did. So, the DOJ apparently threw the book at them.

Now, Barr is demanding answers. As are the rest of us. We’ve seen numerous Democrat agents get off scot-free, even though they admitted to lying and leaking.

But Trump allies are put through the ringers? Really?

Is that how justice works in America?

Maybe soon Barr will put some of those goons through the wringer themselves.

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Source: Fox News