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Congressman Buck Pulls Back Curtain On Pelosi – Accuses Her Of Slipping $1.25B In ‘Ornaments’ To Coronavirus Bill

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The coronavirus has many Americans concerned. But long before the Democrats said a peep, Trump was acting.

Because of his actions, the virus’ spread in the country has been slow. He asked Congress for roughly $2.5 billion to battle the problem.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi wanted more. Hey, why miss out on an opportunity to punish the taxpayers, right Nance?

The congresswoman got what she wanted, with a massive $8 billion spending bill.

But not all of that money will go to help fight the virus in America. And Congressman Buck is pulling back the curtain on Nancy.

From Twitter:

More details from Fox News:

Buck’s office later told Fox News that his objections to the bill include not only the overall cost, but aspects including $1.25 billion that is marked for use in other countries, as well as $500 million in Medicare telehealth funding. His office also said that the bill outlines funding to stockpile masks, gloves and other things with no plan to make sure they get distributed to medical professionals instead of being stored up in a warehouse.

Yikes. Looks like this bill—meant to battle a serious problem—was loaded with Pelosi’s “Christmas ornaments.”

The bill ballooned to $8 billion, because it seems the Speaker wanted money for totally unrelated causes.

Over a billion is going to other countries, not America. Another half-billion will be used to funding not associated with COVID-19.

This is why we need fewer spend-happy Democrats in Congress. A problem like this requires attention from the government. Absolutely.

That means funding for the CDC and other agencies battling the virus.

But when Democrats see a problem like this, they see dollar symbols. It’s a great chance to use the fear many Americans are feeling to bleed us dry.

When all this blows over, who will cover the bill? Not Nancy Pelosi, but you and me.

She quietly used this problem to tax more money from Americans. Never let a crisis go to waste, right Democrats?

Do you think all some of that money will go to people and groups she’s buddies with? Or maybe countries that might not need it?

For nearly four years, Trump has fought to scale back our spending. But now Pelosi’s ratcheting it up again.

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