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In 5-4 Decision, Supreme Court Drops The Constitution On Immigration – Hands Trump Victory

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The Supreme Court has been giving Trump recent wins. And in a close decision, they just handed him another one.

What was the big argument? Whether undocumented workers—who steal Americans’ Social Security numbers—can be charged with a crime.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Not to the D.C. swamp. They had a law that cleverly protected identity thieves from prosecution.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court disagreed.

From The Epoch Times:

The Supreme Court on March 3 upheld the power of states to pursue illegal aliens for identity theft, ruling against three men who used someone else’s Social Security number to gain employment.

In the decision, the justice ruled 5-4 that Kansas can rely on false information used by illegal aliens in their W–4 and K–4 tax-withholding forms to prosecute them for identity theft even if they used the same false information on their I-9 work authorization forms.

In a close decision, the Supreme Court ruled that states have the right to prosecute non-citizens who steal SSN’s.

There is a law that made it a crime for anyone to lie on an I-9 form. But the same law created a loophole that let border jumpers steal Americans’ identity.

If they put that same information on an I-9, it couldn’t be used to charge other crimes.

It’s confusing and bizarre—by design.

D.C. lawmakers have for years tried to find ways to protect non-citizens at the expense of Americans.

This law was clearly designed to protect people who stole identities to get work in the U.S.

And it would encourage more to do the same.

But Trump’s Supreme Court decided enough was enough.

They ruled states can do the right thing and stop criminals from robbing Americans.

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Source: The Epoch Times