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Joe Biden’s “Election Math” Just Leaked Out – And It Shows President Trump Is Within 1 State Of Winning

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Heading into today’s election, most national polls showed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden with a significant lead.

However, some of those polls show a shrinking gap, and the Donald Trump campaign remains confident in re-election.

Additionally, it now seems like Biden’s campaign might not be quite as confident.

The Trump campaign revealed data shared by Biden’s camp, and though it projected a Biden victory, the margin was very small.

So small, in fact, that even Biden’s team believes Trump could be within one state of winning.

From Breitbart:

Director of Battleground Strategy Nick Trainer referred to a Zoom call published by Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon discussing the current state of the race ahead of Election Day.

‘Using their math alone, and reconstructing it, they’re saying that the president is currently one state short of winning the election,’ Trainer said. ‘Using their math.’

Trainer added that he had high hopes for Trump in Pennsylvania.

He estimated that Democrats would have a 750,000-vote lead in mail-in ballots. But Trump would ultimately erase that lead when 2.6 million Trump supporters voted.

Trainer said the President’s “election day margins needs to be big and it will.” He said:

We currently project he’ll win Election Day votes in Pennsylvania by over a million votes.

He further believes that Republicans will hold sway in other swing states.

This would hint at some panic on the Democrat side of the aisle, if the predictions proved accurate.

The battleground states remain absolutely critical and Pennsylvania is definitely one of the most important states for both candidates.

If Trump manages to take PA, and he secures other crucial swing states in the process, Biden’s chances of election shrink dramatically.

If, on the other hand, Biden wins the majority of the battleground states, that could mean the end for Trump.

In just a matter of hours, we’ll all know for certain.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to the Biden campaign’s “math,” Trump is within “one state” of being re-elected.
  • The Trump campaign believes it will win Pennsylvania by over a million votes.
  • The swing state battles are critical in the 2020 election. Whoever wins PA could gain a significant edge, for instance.

Source: Breitbart