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Nancy Pelosi Gets Embarrassed As GOP Pick Up Seats In House As Dems Get Wake Up Call From USA

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Nancy Pelosi and the entire media industrial complex got humiliated last night and the counting is not done.

It looks like Pelosi and the Dems will keep control of the House but instead of flipping 10-15 seats, the Dems lost ground in the House. Right now they are losing at least 4 seats and while no one expects the GOP to take control America sent a devastating message to Pelosi and the Dems.

Some big Dem names lost – incumbent Donna Shalala of the state’s 26th district lost to Republican Maria Elvira Salazar.

Joe Cunningham, who two years ago was the first Democrat to take a House seat from the GOP in South Carolina since 1986 lost his bid for re-election.

It is hard to see Pelosi surviving as Speaker after this debacle – to put it bluntly the left is about to have an all-out brawl over the direction of the party – how can Pelosi argue when AOC says they need to move far left after last night?

From The Guardian:

Democrats, who are still expected to retain control of the House of Representatives, have suffered several stinging losses that have knocked down their hopes of significantly expanding their majority in the House of Representatives.

In Florida’s Miami-Dade county, Republicans flipped two Democratic seats in an upset, while Democrats took two Republican seats in North Carolina. But chances that Democrats would gain some of the long-shot seats they were vying for in Texas and Arkansas are on track to remain in Republican hands as early results trickle in.

In New Mexico, the Republican Yvette Herrell on Tuesday beat incumbent Democrat Xochitl Torres Small – who had won her red district two years ago by just 3,700 votes. And in South Carolina, the Republican Nancy Mace defeated the incumbent Democrat Joe Cunningham.

House leader Nancy Pelosi, who handily won re-election in California, was confident ahead of election night. “Tonight, House Democrats are poised to further strengthen our majority – the biggest, most diverse, most dynamic, women-led House majority in history,” she said.

And the Cook Political Report, which provides non-partisan election and political analysis, predicted on Monday that Democrats will gain between 10 and 15 seats in the House, which has 435 members. “A combination of President Trump’s unpopularity in the suburbs, a fundraising disadvantage, and 32 open seats for the GOP to defend (to Democrats’ dozen) has weighed down Republicans’ prospects,” said David Wasserman, of Cook Political Report.