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Democrats Just Turned On Pelosi And The Squad – Leaked Conference Call Shows The Party Is Melting Down

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If you believe the media, Democrats should be dancing in the streets right now.

Right? After all, they are already calling the presidency for Joe Biden—despite the long battle the remains.

But despite what happens with the White House, one thing is clear: Democrats got slaughtered in many key races.

A red wave “unexpected” wiped out many critical races, removing Democrats from House seats they needed to keep.

There was no blue wave. It’s unlikely they will take the Senate and their majority in the House remains in question.

Something, clearly, went very wrong for them. And a leaked call of House Democrats reveals they are none too happy today:

House Democrats savaged Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a family venting session that featured yelling and crying lawmakers in the wake of the party’s losses on Thursday…

‘We need to be pretty clear,’ Spanberger said of election night results. ‘It was a failure. It was not a success. We lost incredible members of Congress.’

… Pelosi pushed back against Spanberger though…

Meanwhile, one lawmaker who lost her race broke down and cried during the session.

Why It’s Important:

Democrats tore into each other during a call among their House leadership. Many moderates lost to upstart Republican challengers (many of whom were women, minorities, and veterans). Those who lost blamed the far-left wing of the party.

They particularly blamed the “defund the police” movement as well as the push for socialism. Nobody could agree and they were all pointing fingers.

Even as the call was going on, some of them leaking it to the press—who were live-tweeting the whole thing.

I guess not even Democrats can rely on the news these days, huh?

Unsurprisingly, Pelosi was denying the reality and ignored the concerns of her moderate members. It’s clear she is under the control of the radical left, who were their usual defiant selves.

They attacked their own party members, refusing to admit their far-left agenda cost them many important seats.

What’s even more concern is that 2022 is only two years away. They are stuck in a dangerous spot. If they keep pushing a radical agenda, they are poised to lose even more seats.

Especially since many states now have conservative state lawmakers who will redraw congressional districts, making it even more likely conservatives will get elected.

Add to that their shrinking minority vote, Democrats have plenty of reasons to be angry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats had a long conference call with House leaders.
  • They fought each other over big losses, blaming the radical members of the party.
  • The call was leaked to the press, who tweeted it out.

Source: Daily Mail