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Hollywood Star Shames Liberals, Defends Roseanne Barr: ‘Self-righteous to just dismiss people we disagree with’

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Hollywood megastar Whitney Cummings shamed the hysterical left over their treatment of Roseanne Barr and Trump supporters.

She said, “I’m fascinated by playing devil’s advocate and want to understand the people I disagree with. I don’t want to dismiss and malign. My Dad used to make me argue with him at the dinner table.

“He’d say, “Give me three reasons why you should be able to stay out after midnight,” and I’d have to argue my case. I think it’s very self-righteous or sanctimonious to just dismiss people we disagree with without trying to understand why they believe what they believe.

“I don’t get it. I grew up in Washington, D.C., mostly, but also in Virginia and West Virginia, so I grew up seeing both sides, and people believing different things.

“Even though I don’t agree with somebody, I don’t think they’re dumb. And I’m a comedian who tours all over the country, and I see why people make the decisions that they make.

“And as a writer, you have to be able to do that.

It’s so weird to me in Hollywood where writers are like, “F*ck the right!” You’re a writer! You’re supposed to want to empathize with characters you don’t necessarily agree with because you have to write them.

“I just try to take the judgment out of it, and the emotion out of it. For me, so much of what happened when Trump won was there were so many people who felt like they were voiceless—not being seen, not being heard, being dismissed, being ignored, not being represented—and everybody’s basic human need is to be seen and understood.

“If you don’t see and understand them, they’re going to make themselves heard in some way or another. Am I – am I canceled?

On Roseanne Barr whose second show she executive produced, “Also, why the fuck are you listening to them? When people are like, “Roseanne’s so toxic,” then why do you follow her?

“You’re the one listening, responding, and just retweeted it. Just ignore her. This whole cancel culture thing, when people freak out, well you’re the ones amplifying it and legitimizing it by being outraged. I don’t even think Roseanne believes what she says half the time.

“She’s a contrarian by nature. We’re comedians—it’s our job to rile you up—and to me, a lot of the points she had made a lot of sense, and the other stuff sounded like someone who was out of touch, sequestered, does not have accurate data.

“I mean, the tweet that went out, that’s not what I’m talking about and unacceptable, but all the lead-up to it. I don’t forgive her, we’re not friends, and I quit the show, so I think it’s very clear what happened—I’m not giving her a pass. But if we’re not trying to understand why people are vulnerable to these conspiracy theories, we’re never going to be able to dismantle or understand.

On whether Hollywood mocking Trump hurt POTUS or helped him she said,

“I had a friend in Hollywood who told me, “Every time they do that, they’re helping him. Because it makes his supporters hate Hollywood more.”