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Lou Dobbs Breaks FBI News Live On His Show – Says “Highly Reliable Source” Informed Him They Are Investigating 2020 Election

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Many Americans are demanding answers over what they worry went on during the election. In fact, many Americans have protested and rallied all over the country—calling on our federal government to act.

It’s no small thing to claim irregularities and other problems occurred during something as important as a presidential election. Democrats and the media appear to be ignoring what the President of the United States has said.

But it appears that the FBI might be taking all this very seriously. Because Fox Business host Lou Dobbs broke a crucial revelation:

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said he received word that the FBI is investigating the 2020 election…

“I do have some news to break here at this moment. I have now received word from a highly reliable source that the FBI does have an investigative team that is now looking into this election. Now, what that means beyond that — but at least its confirmation that they are investigating, and we’ll see what moves,” Dobbs said.

Dobbs points to a “highly reliable” source to reveal that the FBI has a team looking into the election. The host himself refused to speculate what that means and what impact it might have.

But he appeared to confirm, according to his source, that the FBI is involved in the ongoing election battle.

Plenty of stories, testimonies, and accounts have come out over the last few weeks alleging problems with various states and counting rooms.

Some people have even signed affidavits claiming to have seen some serious issues during the election and afterward.

President Trump is open about his claim that fraud occurred. We can’t say for certain, but there certainly seems to be enough smoke for the media to at least say there might be a fire.

Yet the media (including many at Fox News) denies any reports of irregularities and dismisses the president’s concerns.

But if the FBI really has an investigative team looking into the election, what will the media say then?

The FBI isn’t in the business of wasting resources on nothing. For them to move, it seems likely there may be credible reports or evidence.

Expect more details to come out in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lou Dobbs revealed that the FBI is investigating the election.
  • He claims a “highly reliable” source revealed this news to him.
  • The media continues to deny reports of possible fraud during the election.

Source: Washington Examiner