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Lori Lightfoot Takes Revenge On Chicago Cop Over Bill Barr’s Surprise Visit, Reassigns Veteran Police Lieutenant

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Lori Lightfoot, the failing Chicago Mayor, is showing her vindictive side it appears and there are reports that this is not the first time.

Lightfoot has reassigned a veteran police lieutenant after finding out that Attorney General Bill Barr was coming to Chicago. I guess she thinks the city is hers and she controls who comes and goes?

No word on why Barr made a surprise visit to Chicago but it may have something to do with the feds massive investigation into the corrupt Chicago machine. The latest round of arrests indicated the feds are close to the top.

From The Chicago Sun-Times:

A veteran police lieutenant was reassigned last week after a one-day trip to Chicago by Attorney General William Barr caught Chicago Police Department leadership and the mayor’s office by surprise.

Sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that Lt. Patrick Quinn was pulled from his position in the Crime Prevention and Information Center in police headquarters and sent to the Rogers Park District on the North Side after Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPD brass learned of Barr’s visit during a conference call Nov. 17 — just a day before Barr, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, was scheduled to arrive in Chicago.

Quinn could not be reached Tuesday and representatives for the CPD lieutenant’s union did not respond to inquiries. Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office referred questions to the CPD, which declined to comment on Quinn’s move.

“All personnel decisions are made by the Chicago Police Department Superintendent and his leadership team,” mayoral spokesman Pat Mullane said.

The nature of Barr’s visit remains unclear, and a representative for the Department of Justice declined to comment on the attorney general’s trip. A representative for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago said Barr did not meet with anyone from the local federal prosecutors’ office.

Lightfoot was made aware of Barr’s trip during her weekly conference call with CPD leadership. Near the conclusion of the call, one officer noted some members of the department were monitoring for potential protests the next day, sources said. It was then that the officer disclosed to Lightfoot and CPD leadership that Barr would be in Chicago.

“That’s when the sparks started flying,” said a high-ranking CPD source familiar with the call.