unique visitors counter Sidney Powell Seen Leaving White House Late Sunday Night, Shuts Down CNN Reporter: ‘It would be none of your business’ – Washington News

Sidney Powell Seen Leaving White House Late Sunday Night, Shuts Down CNN Reporter: ‘It would be none of your business’

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CNN White House correspondent Jeremy Diamond was the first reporter to go public with the bombshell news that attorney Sidney Powell was in the White House last night.

“SPOTTED tonight at the White House: attorney & conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell. @abdallahcnn & I saw her leaving the residence side of the White House shortly before 9p. She denied meeting with Trump tonight. When pressed again, she said: ‘It would be none of your business’.

Maggie Haberman a reporter from the New York Times deep ties within the Trump family and administration said:

“Confirming what @JDiamond1 saw, that Sidney Powell was back in the White House tonight. She was once again pitching an executive order on seizing voting machines to examine them, per a person with knowledge of the meeting. Unclear if POTUS is planning to go along with it.”

She then added this a bit later:

“Hearing from multiple people Powell did not meet with the president tonight. She was talking to others in White House. Worth noting that people can’t just walk into the White House, they have to be cleared to come in.”

Trump has been weighing naming her as a special prosecutor.

From CNBC:

The president floated the idea at a contentious White House meeting on Friday, according to The New York Times, which first reported the news.

Multiple advisors, including some who have been sympathetic to the president’s baseless claims about the election, rejected the idea fiercely, according to the paper.

Trump also reportedly asked about the idea of imposing martial law at the meeting. He later denied doing so in a post on Twitter.

Powell, who was reported to be present at the meeting, is the attorney for former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, who was facing charges for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation until receiving a pardon from the president last month.

A conservative legal personality, Powell has spun up elaborate and false theories about how Trump lost to President-elect Joe Biden, including the suggestion that voting software was developed on the orders of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan leader who died in 2013.

Flynn was also reported to be at the meeting. The retired Army lieutenant general has taken to conservative media in recent days to urge Trump to impose martial law as part of an effort to overturn the results of November’s contest.