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Texas And Louisiana Gang Up On Biden – They Just Filed Major Lawsuit Over DHS Failure To Arrest

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With Congress in gridlock and Biden in the White House, there is little hope the federal government will be working in the next couple of years unless Democrats figure out how to circumvent the rules or learn to compromise.

Joe Biden has already reversed many of Trump’s policies via executive order. And he will try his best to force liberal policies through during his first term as possible (at least until 2022, if the House or Senate flips to Republicans).

So, the best defense of American values may be at the state level.

Well, we’re happy to report that conservative states aren’t putting up with Biden’s liberal policies they think are void of common sense.

And two of them are taking Joe to court. From Fox News:

Texas and Louisiana are suing the Department of Homeland Security for its alleged refusal to take criminal illegal immigrants into custody, after rules that narrowed enforcement priorities.

“Federal law requires Defendants to take custody of many criminal aliens, including those with final orders of removal, those convicted of drug offenses, and those convicted of crimes of moral turpitude,” the complaint says. “By refusing to take these criminal aliens into custody, Defendants have disregarded non-discretionary legal duties.”

Texas and Louisiana are suing Biden’s DHS for refusing to take border crossers who have been convicted of various crimes.

According to the law, these criminals must be taken into custody by DHS in order to be ultimately deported.

But Biden tried to prevent this law from being obeyed by signing a questionable order on his first day in office.

He demanded “interim enforcement policies” that didn’t outright defy this law, but put a hold on it.

But time waits for no man. And as Biden’s administration is “evaluating” these policies, dangerous criminals are on the loose.

As the border continues to grow out of control, states like Texas and Louisiana are forced to put up with increasing crime.

When they arrest someone who is here unlawfully, the law requires them to be transferred to DHS for deportation.

But the agency won’t even take in these convicted criminals.

So what, are the states supposed to just let them go? They have no other recourse, the law is the law.

If the DHS refuses them, the states have very few options. Chances are, these dangerous criminals will be released back into American communities.

This lawsuit is simply a demand that Biden obeys the law. It’s pretty sad that we have to go to court just to get the White House to do the right thing.

Do you think Biden should follow the laws on the books?

Key Takeaways:

  • Texas and Louisiana are suing the Biden administration over an immigration policy.
  • Biden ordered the DHS to freeze deportations, in violation of federal law.
  • Criminal border crossersare supposed to be transferred to DHS for deportation.

Source: Fox News