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Franklin Graham Shames Media: ‘I’ve Never Seen Anyone Work Harder than Donald Trump’

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Franklin Graham set the media straight after a few outlets gloated over the fact that Trump fell 300 spots on Forbes billionaire list. Now, all these billionaires say they don’t care about the list but they all do.

So the media ran with the story and tried to mock Trump while gloating over the news that Trump not only dropped on the list but (according to the magazine) also lost $1B over his term. But Franklin Graham said not so fast and turned the tables.

Graham shamed the media and remind him that the fact that he lost money in office and fell a few spots on the world’s richest list was a badge of honor and he should be commended not mocked for it.

Graham wrote, “President Trump did not even take a salary when he was serving as president—he gave it all back. So many politicians leave office with far more money than when they came into office. 

“This report says President Trump also dropped about $1 billion in wealth during those four years while he served. 

“Donald Trump became president not to make money or to put his hand in the till, but to do his best to preserve the great things about this nation for future generations.

“He put America first, not his own interests. I’ve never seen anyone work harder. Thank you President Trump for your sacrifice and service to this nation.

From USA Today:

Trump tumbled nearly 300 spots on Forbes’ billionaire rankings during his presidency, the magazine reported this week, with his estimated wealth falling from $3.5 billion to $2.4 billion during his four-year term.

That’s still good enough for 1,299th place on the magazine’s new billionaire list, down from 1,001st last year.

The list is topped by a frequent political target of Trump: Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, whose wealth is tagged at $177 billion.

The magazine blamed Trump’s decision to refuse to divest when he took office in January 2017.

Dan Alexander, a senior editor at Forbes who has tracked Trump’s business career, wrote that the ex-president “bogged down his presidency with ethics issues for years, while also missing a chance to cash in on a market boom he helped propel.” 

“If he had sold everything on Day 1, paid the maximum capital-gains taxes on the sales, then put the proceeds into a conflict-free fund tracking the S&P 500,” Alexander wrote, “Trump would have ended his presidency an estimated $1.6 billion richer than he is today.”