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Ted Cruz Accuses Biden Of Breaking The Law – He Claims Federal Law Violated When Joe Sent $250M To Palestine

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Although it looks like all is lost, there are still many tough conservatives fighting in D.C.

Democrats actually tried to get rid of Trump loyalists in Congress, hoping they’d face no opposition when Biden slunk into office.

But they failed and these conservatives are fighting back. That includes Sen. Ted Cruz, who is not giving Biden a break.

He and a team of Republicans blew the lid off of Biden’s border crisis. Their videos lead to a larger examination of how Biden has already failed on the border.

Now, they are striking back again—this time saying Biden may have violated the law.

From Breitbart:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and seventeen other Republican Senators wrote to Secretary of State Tony Blinken on Thursday, objecting to the Biden administration’s plan to spend $250 million on the Palestinians, arguing that the proposal violates anti-terror law…

“These activities are the governance responsibility of the PA, and Congress prohibited American assistance to such activities against the backdrop of the PA using its available resources for pay-for-slay programs.”

Ted Cruz and seventeen other Republican senators are calling out Joe Biden for giving $250 million to the Palestinians.

The PA is known for openly opposing Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East. The group often launches attacks against the country, sparking retaliation from the U.S. in the form of strict sanctions.

U.S. law prohibits American assistance to the Palestinians, outside a limited view. The exceptions are wastewater programs, childhood vaccination, and payment to East Jerusalem hospitals.

Outside of that, no money is to be sent to Palestinians. Yet Biden is pumping hundreds of millions into the PA, for things like roads, parking lots, something called “basic commodities,” and other vague things.

It doesn’t take much imagination to assume the PA can gladly take this money and use it anyway they please. There are no stipulations, as we can see, that require the Palestinians to avoid conflict in exchange for this money.

Is Cruz right? Is Biden violating the law by giving this hostile group so much of our money?

If he is, we might not see much being done about it. Cruz had to appeal to Secretary of State Tony Blinken, one of Biden’s flunkies.

How much do you want to bet he’ll read the letter… and do nothing?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ted Cruz and 17 Republican senators accused Biden of breaking the law.
  • Biden gave $250 million to the Palestinians, known supporters of terrorism.
  • The money is outside the limitations Congress set for aid to this group.

Source: Breitbart