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Swing State Republicans Just Punished 10 RINOs – For Impeaching Trump, They Just Got Censured In Ohio

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In the aftermath of the 2020 Election, it seemed some Republicans in the House thought they could turn on President Trump.

But they quickly learned, to their dismay, that the party was not behind them.

Republican leaders and voters are making it perfectly clear who they’re backing: not the RINOs, but Trump.

And they are starting by calling to task those Republicans who tried to throw him under the bus to save their own skins.

From MSN:

The Ohio Republican Party’s 66-member state central committee has scheduled a Friday vote on a resolution that would censure Rocky River GOP Rep. Anthony Gonzalez and the nine other House of Representatives Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.

The Ohio Republican Party will be voting to censure Rep. Anthony Gonzalez and nine other House members for turning on Trump.

A censure is a formal rebuke that can carry serious consequences. But it is also a sign of how Ohio voters are feeling about these so-called conservatives.

Gonzalez openly accused Trump of “inciting” an “insurrection” mindlessly parroting the left-wing media’s narrative. He is apparently so spineless, so unconservative, that he’d quickly turn on a president who fought so hard for this country.

A censure is a black stain on a politician’s career. And it might lead to primary challengers taking these Republicans’ spots.

Republicans, both in the House and Senate, from other states have faced similar consequences for turning on the 45th president.

Those who weren’t censured have tough primary challengers to look forward to. President Trump, using his significant influence, is backing any primary candidate who is running against these RINOs.

Should Anthony Gonzalez and these other congressmen be getting worried about now? Well, if the censures go through, their primary challengers will have ample material to use against them.

It’s clear that the vast majority of Republican voters continue to support Trump. And they have little respect for anyone in the GOP that voted against him.

Yet, these politicians have yet to apologize to get back into Trump’s good graces.

They must really be stupid.

Will you support any Republicans who voted to impeach Trump?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Ohio GOP is voting to censure ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.
  • Anthony Gonzalez and nine others previously accused Trump of “insurrection.”
  • Many Republicans who attacked Trump are facing tough primaries for 2022.

Source: MSN