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Federal Judge Gives IRS An Order On The Clintons – He Demands They Explain Lack Of Investigation Into Foundation

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Many stories of investigations into Democrats hit the wires, but then America never hears about the outcomes.

Why do investigations into Democrats seem to slip into a deep state black hole?

Well, for once a U.S. tax court judge is holding the Clintons, and the IRS, to account:

A U.S. tax court judge has ordered the Internal Revenue Service to disclose if it criminally investigated the Clinton Foundation.

Judge David Gustafson pointed to a “gap” in IRS records and said that the agency’s claim to have never criminally investigated the Clintons’ charity “was not supported by the administrative record and thus constituted an abuse of discretion.”

All the same, the ruling serves to perpetuate long-standing allegations that the Clintons were using their foundation to launder money for political favors from foreign entities.

America hasn’t been able to find out much about the investigation to the Clinton Foundation because the court records have been sealed.

But this judge was willing to let the nation know that it looks like the investigation that was supposed to happen… just didn’t.

If this actually happened, it looks like this judge is going to make the IRS answer for it, and if they didn’t, it might finally get them to look into allegations against the Clintons.

This situation just highlights the corruption in Washington D.C. There are laws and rules on the books for average Americans, but it looks like the rich and politically powerful often get a pass.

Is that how America should work? Should former presidents be able to use their nonprofits to get away with criminal accusations?

And is it just Democrats, or do Republicans get away with this too?

There aren’t a lot of answers for stopping the deep state from protecting the hand that feeds them.

One would be to enforce term limits on Congress.

Another, for people like the Clintons, would be to keep former Presidents and candidates from receiving special treatment.

But Congress has to admit there’s a problem and vote to put restrictions on themselves. And that is unlikely to happen.

Leaders such as Ted Cruz have called for term limits and limited government, but he is one of very few.

In the meantime, at least there are a few judges brave enough to call out the powerful Clintons and the deep state.

Do you think the Clinton Foundation should be investigated?

Key Takeaways:

  • A U.S. Tax Court Judge ordered a review into whether the Clinton Foundation was criminally investigated.
  • The Clintons have been accused of using their nonprofit organization for foreign political favors.

Source: IJR