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Mike Pence Breaks Silence, Rips Joe and Kamala: “Weakness, Ambivalence and False Equivalency

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Mike Pence dropped the hammer on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is a new video where he rips the debacle in the Middle East after ’witnessing four years of progress.’

Pence said: “We witnessed four years of progress toward peace, now shattered by more than a week of unprovoked violence against the people of Israel. We made that clear to the world through our actions.

“But from the moment President Biden took office, all that changed, and the results have reignited violence. Weakness arouses evil. Instead of seeking peace through strength, President Biden has offered weakness and ambivalence and, tragically, our friends in Israel are paying a terrible price.

“Every tepid statement uttered by the Biden-Harris administration is built on a false equivalency between Israel and Hamas.

“One is a sovereign nation with a legitimate government and a trusted ally. The other, an internationally recognized terrorist organization that has now fired more than 3,000 rockets at Jewish families and businesses in the past week alone.

“There is no moral equivalency between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.”

Pence said Biden should “uphold Israel’s right to self-defense and condemn the terrorists of Hamas as well as their supporters and apologists in the strongest possible terms.” 

“The Trump-Pence administration set the table for lasting peace and an end to the decades-old conflict in the region,” Pence said. 

“President Biden has replaced strength with weakness, moral clarity with confusion, and loyalty with betrayal.

“In the midst of these unprovoked attacks, let’s pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and if the world knows nothing else, let the world know this: America stands with Israel,” Pence said.

Biden’s spox Jen Psaki tried to blame Trump and Pence for the violence.

From The National Review:

During a press briefing Tuesday morning, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that the Trump administration did not do ‘anything constructive’ to foster peace in the Middle East between Israel and the neighboring Arab states.

“Aside from putting forward a peace proposal that was dead on arrival, we don’t think they did anything constructive, really, to bring an end to the longstanding conflict in the Middle East,” Jen Psaki said of the previous administration.

In addition to proposing a broader plan for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Trump administration helped broker a cooperative agreement, called the Abraham Accord, between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, making it the first Gulf State to normalize diplomatic ties with the Jewish state. In exchange for gaining Emirati support for the deal, the Israeli government agreed to cancel its plans to “declare sovereignty” over West Bank settlements.

Members of previous administrations, including former Secretary of State John Kerry, dismissed the notion that any Gulf states would come to the negotiating table without Iran’s assent.

The Obama administration’s legacy in the Middle East, now resumed by the Biden administration, centered around the concession-riven Iran nuclear deal and the United States abandonment of Israel at the U.N Security Council.

During the Trump tenure, Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel and Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights was legitimized. Trump bolstered the U.S. friendship and military partnership with Israel by scrapping and withdrawing from the Iran deal, and holding the Tehran regime accountable for aggression rather than capitulating to it.