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Rand Paul’s Wife Kelley Puts Bette Midler On Notice Over Death Threat: ‘We won’t be intimidated’

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Rand Paul’s wife Kelley dropped the hammer on Hollywood stars Bette Middler and Richard Marx after she received a death threat and package with white powder at her Kentucky house.

She said, “I am sick of the hatred and vitriol from people who boast of their “empathy and compassion” in their bios. Rand will continue to stand up for our constitutionally protected liberties.  He will keep questioning the “experts.” We won’t be intimidated.  And yes, we have guns.

“I got the death threat letter and called the FBI. This kind of violent threat is fomented against Rand daily by @ReallyAmerican1, a Dem PAC that pays thugs like @mmpadellan to celebrate the assault that nearly killed Rand.  @DNC ignores. @richardmarx  was inciting more violence just this weekend.  

“For years people like @BetteMidler have cheered Rand’s horrific attack and serious injuries. The former teacher of the year @RodRobinsonRVA tweeted that Rand’s attacker was a “hero” and urged Mitch McConnell’s neighbors to “step up”.  Why is he still teaching?”

The FBI is investigating a death threat. On the outside of the envelope that contained the white powder was a picture of a bruised and bandaged Paul with a gun to his head and these words: “I’ll finish what your neighbor started you motherf——“

“I take these threats immensely seriously,” Paul said in a statement. “As a repeated target of violence, it is reprehensible that Twitter allows C-list celebrities to encourage violence against me and my family. Just this weekend Richard Marx called for violence against me and now we receive this powder filled letter.”

From Fox News:

Marx, an American singer, tweeted Sunday: “I’ll say it again: If I ever meet Rand Paul’s neighbor I’m going to hug him and buy him as many drinks as he can consume.”

Paul had another close call as he and his wife Kelley were surrounded by a mob as they tried to make it back to their hotel following Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention acceptance speech at the White House.

“First, there were a handful of people — then 30, then 60, then over 100 screaming and out-of-control lunatics,” he wrote in a piece for Fox News. The mob was “shouting awful death threats. Curses. Shoving,” he wrote. “One person in the mob violently slammed into a policeman just behind me.”

Finally, police were able to force their way through the angry throng and get Paul and his wife to their hotel.