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Sean Hannity Helped Save Joy Reid’s Job At MSNBC He Reveals For First Time

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Sean Hannity broke his silence and revealed Monday night that he helped save the job of MSNBC’s Joy Reid. Reid was nearly fired at MSNBC for past blog posts – she gave a weak defense that she was hacked at the time but no one believed her.

Hannity was a vocal supporter of Joy Reid at that time but his support went deeper he revealed to Rick Santorum. Hannity was interviewing former Senator Rick Santorum who was just fired from CNN over some comments he made.

He told Santorum he is against boycotts and cancel culture. That he is consistent on the issue no matter what side of the aisle before telling Santorum the story of how he helped Joy Reid keep her job.

“I don’t believe in boycotts, senator,” Hannity said. “I have never supported one. I never will. I don’t want Bill Maher fired. I — as a matter of fact, I defended him and did not want him fired from ABC at the time.”

Then he revealed for the first time that when Joy Reid was about to be fired an NBC executive called him up and said his public comments defending her were a big reason they kept her.

He went on to say that Joy even wrote him a nice note.

From Mediaite: 

Only now is Hannity talking about his role. “When Joy Reid was in trouble, I was called by an NBC executive that said that ‘your public comments played a big role in us being able to keep her,’ meaning her job,” Hannity continued.

“She wrote me a nice note.”

Hannity reiterated what he has said in the past in that “people can make mistakes and move on,” before returning to a familiar tune of lamenting what he sees as cancel culture.

“Not anymore, now it’s old if you say something, you can’t even revise and extend your remarks, apologize, explain in more detail what you meant, nobody wants to hear it. And I’m sick of it, to be honest,” Hannity said.

There may be MSNBC viewers and fans of Joy Reid who will be skeptical of Hannity’s comments, but those who work in cable news know that Hannity has an impeccable reputation as being one of, if not the best, bosses in the business, and he has extended support for cable news hosts at other networks in the past.