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Obama Advisor Pulls Rug Out From Biden – Economist Furman Claims Joe’s Spending Is Far Too Large

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Plenty of conservatives have criticized Biden’s massive spending plans.

Old Joe wants to spend upwards of $6 trillion, when you add up all his ideas.

Republicans are dead set against his agenda. There is no way a single Republican will support a plan that will expand the welfare state and raise taxes.

But there are even some Democrats who are speaking up against Biden’s plans.

Including a former Obama advisor.

From YouTube:

A former Obama economic advisor blasted Joe Biden’s spending plan.

He even said he didn’t know “any economist” who supported the kind of numbers Biden is putting up.

As we’ve often said, there’s no such thing as free lunch. Biden claims that by spending more taxpayer money, we are magically going to “fix” the economy.

But you don’t help an economy grow by taxing it to death—then giving money to people who refuse to work.

Any economist will push for lower taxes, moderate government spending, and policies that encourage companies to invest in workers.

Nothing that Biden proposes is close to that. He wants to expand the welfare state—providing freebies to people, instead of getting them to work.

He could be crippling our corporate environment with promises of more regulation and taxes. That alone may force companies to shift operations overseas, leading to a loss of jobs.

And all that is just for starters. Biden has claimed to want to be like FDR, a president with socialist tendencies who burdened the country with welfare programs that haunt us to this day.

But even FDR would balk at Biden’s massive price tag.

Perhaps more Democrats should stand up and oppose radical Joe’s toxic agenda?

Key Takeaways:

  • An Obama economist criticized Joe Biden’s massive spending plans.
  • He said it was “too big” and that no economist would support it.
  • Biden wants to raise taxes and spend money on welfare programs.

Source: YouTube