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Trump Teams Up With Newt Gingrich To Beat Nancy Pelosi In 2022 Via New ‘Contract With America’

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Former President Trump is working with former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) on a new policy agenda to be modeled after Gingrich’s 1994 “Contract with America” leading into the critical 2022 midterms according to multiple media reports. The goal is to end Pelosi backing.

In 1994 Newt and the GOP stunned the political world by forming a plan to win the House of Representatives after years of Dem control. They pushed a ‘Contract with America’ and beat the Dems and brought Bill Clinton down to earth

“It should be positive,” Gingrich said. “School choice, teaching American history for real, abolishing the ‘1619 Project,’ eliminating critical race theory and what the Texas legislature is doing. We should say, ‘Bring it on.’” Gingrich also said to expect to see it closer to the midterms because “the world keeps changing and evolving.”

Besides Gingrich, others involved in the effort are Trump’s former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). Sources said the agenda will have an ‘America first approach.’

From Politico:

The original “Contract with America” was credited with helping Republicans gain their first majority in four decades after the party picked up 52 seats in 1994 in the House and nine seats in the Senate.

Republicans have used it as a template in elections since. In 2010, the so-called Republican “Young Guns,” led by Reps. Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy, introduced a much longer version of Gingrich’s contract with a 224-page publication outlining policy goals ahead of the midterm elections.

And Graham, who was one of the Contract’s signatories when he first ran for a House seat in 1994, has frequently advocated for Republicans to adopt contract-style declarations to unify the party during election years.

Since leaving the White House, Trump has mostly focused on the past — airing his grievances about the 2020 election, comparing cable television ratings from his time in office to now, calling for public credit for his administration’s work on the vaccines and attacking Republicans who voted for his impeachment following the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill.

He has made few public appearances, and in closed door speeches, donors say he continues to focus on his complaints about the last election.

Still, Trump’s advisers say he is invested in the Republican Party’s success in the next midterm elections.

Republicans will need to pick up at least five seats in the House and one Senate seat to flip power in those respective chambers.

Even though the midterms are well over a year away, Trump has been issuing endorsements and meeting with candidates eager to get his blessing, and his private clubs in Florida and New Jersey are fundraising epicenters with a steady stream of deep pocketed donors filing through their ballrooms.

“Policy talks are still in their infancy and it’s premature to project exactly what this will look like, who all will be participating in the effort and when something may be released,” said a Trump spokesperson.

The 1994 “Contract with America” presented 10 government reform bills Republicans planned to introduce in the next Congress focused on welfare reform, tort reform and taxes.