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Anti-Trump Talk Show Host Joe Walsh Gets Radio Show Canceled By Trump Loving Boss

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Former Illinois Republican congressman Joe Walsh went on CNN and Twitter to tell the world that his show on GAB Radio Network had been canceled. Walsh was a conservative talk radio host who voted for Trump in 2016.

He turned on Trump soon after and sought to be the voice of the anti-Trump movement in the GOP. He even ran a primary campaign against Donald in 2020 only to get zero traction. Through it all, he kept his day job hosting a radio talk show on a conservative-leaning network which astounded some. That is all in the past now because Walsh said the network is run by a supporter of Donald Trump who has wanted him out for some time and finally did the deed.

Walsh said: “Some bad news. Looks like I’ve lost my radio show. The network is run by a big Trumper, and he’s wanted to boot me for awhile. Looks like it finally happened. Not surprised, but I am bummed. I thought it was so important to have ONE anti-Trump conservative voice on the radio.”

“The lesson here is if you want to be viable in conservative media, you can’t be anti-Trump,” Walsh said. “If you’re outspoken like me against Trump, you have no place.”

“If you want to get elected as a Republican, you have to make love to Donald Trump every day. If you want to succeed in conservative media, they don’t want you to be honest,” he said.

Independent reporter Glenn Greenwald said: “The Joe Walsh case is so fascinating. Just a few years ago, every tweet from him was met by hordes of liberals calling him a deadbeat dad and a racist & telling to go pay his child support. Then he re-brands as an anti-Trump voice and his firing is treated as a national tragedy.”

Joe didn’t like that and fired back with:

“Hi Glenn, I didn’t “rebrand” as anything. Still the same conservative I was when I voted for Trump in 2016. I just came to believe that he’s an existential threat to this country. So I spoke my truth. And it cost me professionally. That’s all. I’m no victim. I’d do it again.”

Glenn said, “Exactly – liberals only pretend to care about being a deadbeat dad and racist if it can be used to punish political adversaries. Once that same person becomes a political ally, they stop pretending to care about those bad acts. Thank you for illustrating how it works.”