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Jim Jordan Pulls Patriotic Mask Off Biden – Accuses Joe On Live TV Of Standing For ‘America Last’

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You don’t have to be a political mastermind to see Biden is not what he says he is.

For a long time, he’s claimed to be a patriotic American. He vowed to put Americans first, if elected president.

Well, he’s been in office for months now. How’s life working out for ya?

Inflation is rising. The cost of fuel and other necessities is going up. Businesses are struggling to hire workers. And the border is out of control.

But, hey, at least Biden gave you a check for $1200, right?

Now, Rep. Jim Jordan is blasting old Joe, claiming he’s hardly a patriot.

From Fox News:

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows slam President Biden’s job performance both domestically and abroad…

“It’s also an American strength agenda to project strength around the world and not this weakness that our enemies see… Americans sense that and they also see just the chaos surrounding Biden and they also understand that their taxes are going up and more spending is coming. That’s what they fear so let’s get back to America first and projecting strength around the world to our adversaries.”

Jim Jordan slammed the Biden administration for its lack of strength around the world.

Instead of leading with strength and confidence, Biden appears to be letting our enemies walk all over us.

Biden is refusing to compete on the world stage. Instead, he is punishing Americans with more spending and plans to raise taxes.

That has resulted in the rise of prices across the border. And that gives our global competitors a huge advantage.

Jordan suggests that an actual America-first leader would not let countries like China or Russia have the upper hand.

But Biden’s secretary of state made a mess of his first meeting with China, humiliating himself. And Biden just let Russia take over a major pipeline in Europe.

Likely none of this would have happened under the Trump administration. His team would put the heat on our foreign competitors, fighting for Americans.

It doesn’t seem that Biden either knows how to fight or even cares.

We all know about his past lucrative relationships with China and other countries. Is that, perhaps, influencing his current agenda?

I won’t say for certain. But we do know, he can do much, much better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jim Jordan criticized Biden’s lack of strength in dealing with foreign nations.
  • Jordan accused Biden of putting other countries, like China, ahead of Americans.
  • Biden’s policies are hurting Americans as the economy struggles.

Source: Fox News