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Jill Biden Hears Boos In Nashville, Fires Back At Crowd: “Well, you’re booing yourselves”

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First Lady Jill Biden appeared in Nashville, Tennessee, to promote the administration’s efforts to get people vaccinated with country singer Brad Paisley when she heard some boos from the crowd after saying the state’s vaccination rate was too low. (See video below)

“This state still has mmm, a little bit of a way to go,” Jill said before adding,  “Only three in ten Tennesseans are vaccinated.” The group of Biden supporters in the audience booed in response to the news. “Well, you’re booing yourselves,” Jill fired back and laughed along with the crowd.

“If I had a time machine, I would go back to November, I would give him that vaccine and he would be here,” Brad Paisley said about his friend John Prine. “Of course, we can’t do that,” he added. “All we have is the future. Let’s save whoever is next.”

“You know what the vaccines mean for your family and your friends and your neighbors,” Jill Biden said later. “You know they are saving lives. You know the vaccines are the only way to get back to the open mics and the music festivals and the concerts that make this town so very special.”

From The Daily Mail:

Thursday she’ll be in Florida, where only 44 percent of the state’s population is fully vaccinated. 

Mississippi, where the first lady visited earlier Tuesday, has the lowest vaccination rate in the nation.  

Her message on Tuesday was tailored to her stops. 

In Nashville, she reminded people the COVID vaccine is the path to returning to a normal life, particularly the music events the city is known for.

‘The vaccines are the only way to get back to, you know, the open mics and the music festivals and concerts that have made this city so very special,’ she told them. 

In Mississippi, the first lady couched her speech in spiritual terms, speaking of faith in the deeply religious state, while urging people to trust science and get the vaccine.

‘I feel like a miracle’s here,’ Biden, a Catholic, said during a visit to a clinic at Jackson State University, a historically Black college in the Mississippi capital. ‘We’re getting back to the things that we’ve lost for so long, like hugging the people.’

She stressed the safety of the vaccine and urged people to get their shot.

‘The vaccines might feel like a miracle, but there’s no faith required,’ she said. ‘They are a result of decades of rigorous scientific research and discoveries, and they’ve been held to the very same safety standard as every single vaccine that we’ve had here in America.’

She reminded people the vaccine is safe, effective and free.

‘God bless you Mississippi. Go get vaccinated,’ she said at the end.

The first lady, wearing a $2,075 red zebra and lemon print Dolce & Gabbana dress with a $600 black Veronica Beard blazer, made the first of two stops this week in the Deep South in an effort to combat vaccine hesitancy and raise vaccination rates.