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Chicago Democrat Indicted On Federal Charges – Alderman Austin Accused Of 4 Charges Including Bribery, Lying To Feds

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It seems like if you look close enough at Democrats, scandals erupt like a volcano. And they just keep coming.

Maybe Democrats in D.C. think they can avoid scrutiny. But their counterparts at the local level aren’t always that lucky.

Not that long ago, a Democrat mayor from Baltimore was charged with serious crimes related to a book she wrote. Another Democrat and her husband were recently charged with crimes.

You’d think that would serve as a warning to other local Democrats. Nope!

From ABC7:

Chicago Ald. Carrie M. Austin (34th) and her chief of staff face bribery charges in a new federal indictment alleging they conspired to receive home improvements from construction contractors who were seeking city assistance for a development project in Austin’s South Side Ward…

The latest in a string of federal public corruption charges also means the City Council’s two most senior members are under federal indictment. Austin, who was appointed in 1994, is second in seniority to Burke, hit with a racketeering indictment two years ago.

A Democrat alderman and her chief of staff from Chicago were just arrested over bribery charges.

It seems that, in exchange for home improvements, she gave out contracts to companies. Not great, Austin.

Three of Chicago’s city leaders are now facing serious federal indictments. Ed Burke and Patrick Daley Thompson are facing racketeering charges.

Yes, we all know Chicago has a long history of political corruption. But come on, guys.

Democrats always claim to be the good guys. They promise to look after the poor and underprivileged. They claim they are the ones that will really help citizens.

But what they are really doing is helping themselves to the perks of holding public office.

It seems, to some Democrats, being elected is a get-rich-quick scheme. Before the dust settles, they are working out ways of cashing in on their public seat.

Why can’t they just do what they promised to do and help Americans? Why does it seem that local Democrats (and plenty in D.C.) are more concerned with making themselves (and their donors) filthy rich?

It kind of sounds like the opposite of democracy, doesn’t it?

Key Takeaways:

  • A Chicago city council member and her chief of staff have been indicted over bribery charges.
  • The alderman is being charged with taking favors in exchange for helping a contractor.
  • This comes as two other city leaders are hit with federal indictments.

Source: ABC 7