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After Judge Orders Trump Supporter To Remove Signs – The Anti-Biden Citizen Stands Up And Ignores Him

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It seems like the government would strip away all our rights if it could.

From coast to coast, we hear about leftist leaders trying to rob patriots of their freedom of speech.

We’re not just talking about Democrats in CA. Even some judges want to muzzle the 1st Amendment rights of conservatives.

And if you’re a Trump supporter? They really want to silence you.

A judge out of New Jersey tried to order a woman to take down anti-Biden signs.

But she refuses to obey.

From Fox News:

Dick, 54, was immediately criticized by some of her neighbors when she put up the signs earlier this year and was ultimately cited and fined by local officials, who said the signs were violating an anti-obscenity ordinance. Last week, Roselle Park Municipal Court Judge Gary A. Bundy ordered Dick’s mother to remove three of the 10 banners or be fined $250 daily.

Dick says she will not obey that order.

Apparently, this town has an “anti-obscenity” ordinance that essentially restricts a resident’s free speech.

We don’t know how often it has been used on other residents. But we know it was invoked to force a Trump supporter to take down signs that insult Joe Biden.

Funny how these kinds of ordinances only pop up, when liberals get offended by conservatives.

A judge sided with the city, threatening a $250 daily fine if Andrea Dick refused to take down some of her signs.

She says she will not obey the order and is looking for a lawyer to fight.

According to reports, the signs in question contain vulgar language and the image of a middle finger. Sure, we don’t endorse or advocate “vulgar” language.

But the 1st Amendment is the 1st Amendment. It does not let the government censor you just because your speech is “offensive” to some.

In fact, that’s the very purpose of this amendment: to protect speech that some don’t like.

If we can just silence people because we don’t like what they have to say, free speech is powerless and pointless.

And we can’t ignore the coincidence that these signs are criticizing a Democrat. So, was the judge’s decision politically motivated?

Hopefully, this woman will continue the fight.

Key Takeaways:

  • A New Jersey woman is defying a judge’s order to take down anti-Biden signs.
  • The judge ruled she was breaking an “anti-obscenity” ordinance.
  • The woman claims she will be fighting back.

Source: Fox News