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Nancy Pelosi Loses It In Live TV Rant – The Speaker Keeps Repeating That Science, Science, Science Is The Answer

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Democrats have been having a rough week. They suffered a big loss after the CDC flip-flopped on their recent guidelines.

The White House got intense backlash after they demanded federal employees get vaccinated.

And the House is in turmoil after Pelosi pushed new, ever-changing rules.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy criticized Pelosi’s poor leadership. She, in turn, called him a moron.

Now, she is one-upping her schoolyard behavior in a bizarre rant.

From Twitter:

After being asked about her calling Kevin McCarthy a moron, Nancy Pelosi says “science, science, science, and science … to say that wearing a mask is not based on science, I think is not wise, and that was my comment.”

How can anyone trust Nancy Pelosi to lead anymore? She went on a rant after being confronted over her criticism of Kevin McCarthy.

She kept repeating the word “science” as if it was some kind of magical mantra.

Hey, Nance, you do know just saying the word “science” doesn’t make your decisions science-based, right?

Democrats have taken plenty of heat this week over decisions that seem totally unscientific. Pelosi herself is in the hot seat.

She has to defend decisions made by both Joe Biden and the House. Yet instead of showing respect to her colleagues—and the American public—she spits out insults.

Even when she’s trying, she cannot come across as coherent or intelligent.

Time and again, Pelosi has had opportunities to prove herself as speaker. As leader of the House, she is obligated to lead both Democrats and Republicans.

Instead, she comes across as a partisan bully, pushing her personal agenda despite what America wants or needs.

She appears to be fueled by anger and a vendetta against anyone connected to Donald Trump.

Now, that can’t be based in science, right?

Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi tried to defend her recent insult of Kevin McCarthy.
  • She went on a rant, repeating the word “science” again and again.
  • Previously, she dismissed the Minority Leader’s complaints, calling him a moron.

Source: Twitter