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Democrat Leader Arrested In Washington Swamp – The Police Just Handcuffed Sheila Jackson Lee

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The voting rights issue has been in the spotlight since the end of the 2020 Presidential election. Many Republicans and then-President Donald Trump questioned voting integrity.

Afterward, the GOP started to push for voting laws that would cut down on the possibility of fraud. Democrats, on the other hand, claim these rules violate the rights of certain people.

But even if you wish to protest against certain issues, you’re still not allowed to break the law.

That’s what Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (TX) learned on Thursday, when she was arrested in Washington D.C. for a voting-rights protest. The police just refused to ignore the infraction.

Jackson Lee has been a Congresswoman since 1995, and has been vocal about protecting voting rights throughout 2021.

But she went a bit too far this time and her position as elected official didn’t stop the cops. They quickly moved in and put her in zip ties, and those pictures have been making the rounds online.

Even so, Jackson Lee doesn’t regret the arrest. As she posted on Twitter:

The #GoodTrouble hashtag might be familiar to some: it’s a reference to a political activism term used by late Rep. John Lewis (D-GA). There’s a voting rights proposal named after him.

Clearly, Democrat won’t stop fighting against the new (and even existing) voting laws that they claim are discriminatory.

On the flip side, Republicans argue that it’s all for the sake of election integrity. And without that integrity, the democratic process falls apart — citizens stop trusting the system to work.

We’ve already seen plenty of examples of irate citizens who believe elections just can’t be trusted anymore.

As for Lee, she hasn’t made the details of her arrest public, and we don’t know what charges she faces. However, the arrest itself is significant.

And it isn’t the first time a Democrat has been arrested on Capitol Hill for protesting voting laws. The police have also been forced to take Democratic Reps. Joyce Beatty and Hank Johnson into custody.

The gap between the two sides just continues to grow.

Millions of Americans see no problem with voter ID laws, for example. They say there isn’t anything discriminatory about the Republican laws; they’re just about common sense.

But either way, this issue will likely remain red hot as we head into the 2022 midterm elections.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrat Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was arrested in Washington D.C. for protesting voting-right laws.
  • Like many Democrat leaders, she claims the Republican laws are discriminatory.
  • She isn’t the first to be arrested in D.C. for these kinds of protests. Cops also nabbed Democrats Joyce Beatty and Hank Johnson in recent weeks.

Source: Fox News