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Kevin McCarthy Vows To Investigate Nancy Pelosi’s Stock Trades If GOP WIns Back House

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) put Nancy Pelosi on notice promising to investigate Democrat “fraud and abuse” including Pelosi’s husband Paul’s recent hot streak trading stock options if Republicans win back the House next year.

“You know what? We will look at any of the fraud and abuse that has gone on,” McCarthy promised. “We will have real investigations.”

“Which American would not be worried about inflation? Pelosi wouldn’t be worried about it because her and her husband just made $5 million, not buying stock, but trading options on tech stocks when Congress was actually taking legislation up, $5 million in one month. Can you imagine that?” McCarthy said.

“And then you’ve got the only other person who wouldn’t be nervous about inflation. If you had a son that was an artist that could sell paintings for $500,000 — which, he’s never been an artist before. Those are the only two families that I could think of that aren’t worried about inflation in America.”

“Think about it. Pelosi starts and tells you you can’t get a haircut, but she gets one,” McCarthy said. 

“You’ve got Gavin Newsom who sits there and tells you you’ve got to wear a mask as you’re eating dinner — even then he goes out with everybody, doesn’t have it on, and then anybody else can’t go out to eat, and he goes to one of the most expensive restaurants in California. “You’ve got Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi off the investment of options into high-tech stocks, yet at the same time Congress is taking up the issue. 

“You’ve got Nancy Pelosi now claiming that you have to wear a mask if you’re in the House, but not in the Senate — because the science is different — but she doesn’t wear a mask. 

“They are not ‘for the people.’ 

“They are about themselves, and this is the wake-up call of this new Republican party.

“You can’t impose these kinds of draconian actions without having any science behind it.

“And when I questioned her on not having the science, she called me a moron. This reporter came up to me and said, did I want to call her a name? 

“The only thing I’m going to call her is former speaker. Hand over the gavel and let’s move on,” he said.

From Breitbart:

Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), reportedly made massive bets on stocks in the weeks prior to the antitrust legislation vote in committee, securing large sums of money.

In the weeks before the House Judiciary Committee voted on the antitrust legislation — aimed at Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet’s Google — that was meant to limit the way companies organize and offer their products, Paul exercised call options, according to Nancy’s financial disclosure forms.

The financial disclosure showed that Paul was “exercising call options to acquire 4,000 shares of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, at a strike price of $1,200.

The trade netted him a $4.8 million gain, and it’s risen to $5.3 million since then as the shares have jumped,” according to Bloomberg.

Nancy filed the disclosure form July 2. The transaction was ultimately completed a week prior to the Judiciary Committee vote. The votes were supposed to advance six bipartisan antitrust bills, four of which targeted Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

Bloomberg noted that the market was quiet, implying that investors did not see the bills are a real threat to those companies.

Doing so, the share price from Alphabet had increased 3.2% since the Judiciary Committee voted the legislation out of committee.