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Comedy Legend Dana Carvey Brings Down House With Joe Biden Roast On ABC: “The Pirates of the Caribbean

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Dana Carvey was guest hosting Jimmy Kimmell’s late-night show and brought down the house with his Joe Biden impersonation. He said:

“Hey did you guys see the fist bump heard around the world, yeah, a lot of people are mad with President Biden because of the way he greeted the crown prince of Saudi Arabia you know, Biden called him a pariah and as recently as last month said he wouldn’t even meet with him.

“But this weekend they there they were broing it out, how’s it hanging ma how’s it hanging under that robe, I got a lot of flack for this but I think we’re looking at this the wrong way because if you slow it down and watch it, again I think Biden was actually trying to punch MBS.

“Look, yeah he’s going in for the jab yeah yeah how about a knuckle sandwich, come on. By the way, have you noticed that Biden’s got a little feistier lately cause when he first came out he was like a soothing grandpa offering you butterscotch from his coin purse right?

“We wanted this grandpa president because we had four years of shouty mcfat pants but Biden came out as a really sleepy sweet grandpa and he was like he’s always repeating this story.

Dana starts to impersonate Biden, “You know, yeah I went to Scranton, I grew up in Scranton Pennsylvania.

“My dad, my dad lost his job, no joke I’m not kidding around here,” Carvery then breaks character and says, “No, no human being in the world thinks that’s a joke. Nobody. He continued impersonating Biden:

“And then yeah my dad didn’t even do the number thing, number one the one part, number two what the guy said, number three you know the drill, come on.

Carvey broke character and said:

“No, we don’t yeah so yeah now what he does is he kind of whispers and then he yells if you know I think it’s a wonderful move don’t you love it when he does it?”

Dana continued the impersonation: 

“He’s like… we know…how to get natural gas

“We know how to get natural gas…we can get it, because we can get it, we know how to, that’s what we do we take the people, that private won the public the prime…

“The Pirates of the Caribbean.”