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Joe Biden Breaks Down 3 Times Over Weekend – The President Talks About Vampires, Moms And Incoherent Words

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Not that long ago, we watched as Joe Biden struggled during a town hall.

But it didn’t take long for Biden to top his previous performance this weekend.

There was a reason his handlers kept him in the dark for so long. Because anytime he appears in public, this sort of thing happens.

Here’s Joe’s thoughts on vampires. From YouTube:

Where is his mind? We’re not sure, but he seemed to forget it again for another big speech. From YouTube:

And then there’s this. We’re not even sure what Biden said, but it’s definitely crazy. From The Western Journal:

So when we don’t hear him clearly, just about anything is possible. Nowhere was that more apparent than in an incident Sunday, where the president emitted a burst of gibberish that sounded to many viewers of the video like: “My butt’s been wiped.”

Oh, boy. We don’t even know where to start.

Biden’s statement about “blood suckers” certainly has gone viral. While trying to dodge the fact Democrats invented the “defund the police” movement, Biden makes a wild claim about Republicans.

It seems he thinks some Republicans are accusing Democrats of “sucking kids’ blood.”

Um… let me check my notes, here… yeah, there’s nothing about that. In all the—justifiable—attacks Republicans make against Democrats, this one has never come up.

But it only gets weirder. During an event, Biden (as usual) forgets a congressman’s name and then gets further confused saying, “Where’s mom?”

This is a pretty common occurrence for Joe. He often forgets someone’s name (somebody whom he should know) and then covers with an out-of-place joke or more confused fumbling.

Worst of all, perhaps, is his reply to a question about immigration. A reporter asks if he will try to get amnesty into a reconciliation bill.

The first thing Biden says sounds like total gibberish. Some people seem to think he says, “My butt’s been wiped.”

We can’t verify that but, honestly, it’s on par with what he often says. The media tried to say Joe said, “There must be what?” but it doesn’t really sound like that. They could have made it clear if they had asked him to repeat it instead of just laughing him off.

We are having troubling keeping track of all the random, odd, and offensive things Sleepy Joe says.

Do we really have to remind you how these are all signs that’s something is wrong with the man?

How long will the media ignore this?

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