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Supreme Court Swings Wrecking Ball Into Democrat Plans – They Just Took Gerrymandering Away From Federal Courts

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We all missed a bullet when Democrats’ “For the People Act” lost support in Congress.

Why? Because Democrats wanted to take over the creation of congressional districts from the states.

For years, Democrats have tried to stop Republicans from redrawing districts at the state level.

They often took state lawmakers to court, so they could have an advantage in “gerrymandering” our states.

But the Supreme Court just swung a “wrecking ball” into the left’s plans. Because they just ended a long-standing tactic.

From The Hill:

Federal judges will no longer play the role of referee when the intensely partisan, once-per-decade fight over congressional mapmaking gets underway this year.

With the results of the 2020 Census in, states will now spend this year redrawing congressional districts.

Changes in population require that states reform districts, which could shift the balance of power in Congress.

(We already know California has lost one seat and several conservative states picked up more.)

In the past, Democrats have tried to stop state lawmakers from redrawing the districts in their party’s favor.

If Democrats lack the power to redraw districts themselves, Republicans can ensure that the left won’t have an advantage.

This is crucial, as the 2022 midterms will come soon after this new redistricting. With Democrats unable to drag states into court, conservative states have a massive lead.

They can redraw districts to better reflect current populations, without fear that Democrats can gain an upper hand.

This puts Democrats’ hopes of staying in power even further away. States with Republican legislatures can prevent Democrats from manipulating elections. They might even erase existing districts, forcing candidates to fight for new seats.

You can imagine how Democrats are panicking. Their insane election bill would have ended this process altogether.

They claimed their solution was “fair” because it would have used software, from D.C., to draw state districts.

But who is developing the software? Who is running it? Who is making sure it is accurate? All liberals from Silicon Valley.

Now, they have no chance to gerrymander states in their favor.

Source: The Hill