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Border Patrol Cancels Joe Biden’s Order – They Execute Supreme Court Ruling, Send Border Hoppers Back

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Joe Biden ensured our border’s collapse when he eliminated Trump’s policies. But the Supreme Court ruled against Biden, reinstating one major border rule.

Even with the Supreme Court making the decision, we don’t know if Biden is complying.

It seems, though, that we won’t need Biden’s approval. Because Border Patrol is already following through.

From Fox News:

A Supreme Court order reinstating the Trump-era “Remain-in-Mexico” policy is already having an effect on the border, with Border Patrol officials telling Fox News that they have started turning away more migrants trying to enter the U.S.

A Border Patrol source in La Joya, Texas, told Fox News that they are now sending all families back to Mexico, unless they have a child under the age of 1, or if a migrant is pregnant.

Border Patrol agents are obeying the decision of the Supreme Court after it reinstated Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

No word has come out yet if Biden has issued an order in compliance with the court. Some might expect Biden to ignore the court, demanding that Border Patrol do his wishes.

That is certainly not the case, according to this new report. Border Patrol agents are already sending migrants back to Mexico, to await their cases.

Trump’s original plan was to require migrants to wait in Mexico while they request asylum in the United States.

It’s common knowledge that most migrants seeking asylum are denied because their situations don’t fit the strict definitions of those fleeing danger.

Most migrants are jumping the border for the economic security they think they’ll find in the U.S. Sorry, but that doesn’t make you a good candidate for asylum.

But because of Biden’s “catch-and-release” plan, it didn’t matter. Border jumpers were allowed to stay in America.

Even if they were denied asylum, they rarely showed up to be deported.

It was an obvious con, one that Biden (and Obama) allowed.

Remain in Mexico actually holds these people to their word. If they really want asylum in the U.S., they’ll have no problem waiting for some time in Mexico.

But those who just wanted to sneak into the United States? I guess they’re all out of luck.

Source: Fox NewsYouTube