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After Biden Orders Kellyanne Conway To Resign – The Trump Adviser Turns The Tables On The President, Tells Him To Step Down

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News is coming out that Joe Biden is trying to purge Trump appointees to various boards. About 11 former Trump administration officials were put on boards for various military academies. Under normal circumstances, they would get to serve out their time at these posts.

But Joe Biden is anything but normal.

Biden sent messages to these Trump allies, telling them to resign from their posts or face termination. One of those people was one of Trump’s closest allies, Kellyanne Conway, who serves on the Board of Visitors to the United States Air Force Academy.

This was her brutal response. From The Daily Wire:

Kellyanne Conway, a former senior Trump counselor, posted a fiery message to  President Joe Biden Wednesday, after receiving an email from the administration telling her to resign from the U.S. Air Force Academy board or be fired.

“President, Biden, I’m not resigning, but you should,” Conway posted to Twitter, captioning a letter she wrote to POTUS.

Conway blasted Joe Biden’s attempt to purge Trump allies from these military academy boards. She refused to resign and, in a letter to the administration, called on Biden to resign instead. This comes after Biden’s disastrous first eight months, where he’s created one crisis after another.

The former Trump official accused Biden of pulling this move to distract from his endless failures. Sean Spicer, another Trump ally being bullied out of his position, is also accusing Biden of trying to force “liberal ideology” onto these training schools.

It seems that Biden is trying to eliminate anyone who would oppose his attempt to manipulate these respected institutions. We know his attempt to force radical curriculum onto public schools, such as critical race theory, failed earlier in the year.

Perhaps now he is trying to indoctrinate our future military officers with this same fabricated history. We know that his cronies who are running our Armed Forces into the ground care more about this politically shaped version of our history—than fighting our wars.

Why wouldn’t Joe try to do the same at military academies?

But can Joe really kick these appointees from their posts? Chances are if he tries, he is in for a fight. Spicer announced he is willing to go to court to fight this move. And it seems, based on Conway’s response, she will join him.

Do you think they should defy Biden?

Source: Daily Wire