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Adam Schiff Threatens Trump Aides And Family With “Criminal Contempt’ If They Refuse To Testify For Committee

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Adam Schiff just issued a veiled threat to Trump administration officials and Trump’s family as his select committee looking into Jan 6 plans to start issuing subpoenas. Schiff is still hurting from how Trump told him to go pound sand after the Dems took the House and Adam wants to avoid another embarrassing legal loss.

It will be difficult because Trump will claim executive privilege and if Biden tries to wave it, Trump will certainly sue. In short, Schiff’s threat to pursue criminal contempt charges against anyone who refuses to cooperate is as empty as his rhetoric about Trump Russia and we all know how that turned out.

Adam said: “We may have additional tools now that we didn’t before, including a Justice Department that may be willing to pursue criminal contempt when people deliberately flout compulsory process.

“And that will be the most substantial difference between now and what we saw over the last four years.

“I think we have to anticipate that there are going to be people who don’t want to talk because they feel it would incriminate them or incriminate others.

“This administration, like any other, I would not expect them to give us a blank check and say we’re going to never assert privilege, or never support an assertion of privilege,.

“But I think the indications are very positive,” Adam said.

From Politico:

A select committee aide said the panel has received responses from seven executive-branch agencies to its first, sweeping set of Trump administration document requests.

The aide added that the National Archives and Records Administration, which vets the release of such material, has identified two separate tranches of Trump White House documents that it has forwarded to the former president for review, a legally required step before the committee can obtain them — or fight any objections from Trump.

Now that the panel is fully staffed, it’s hoping to build on those bureaucratic wins to shake loose the documents it needs while also readying a wave of subpoenas. Select panel Chair Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) said Wednesday that a list of subpoena targets would be released as soon as this week.

“There’s a lot that we have to unwind, and there are so many variables in the process,” Thompson said in an interview.

Thompson told POLITICO recently that he hopes to complete the committee’s inquiry this spring, an extraordinarily tight deadline for an investigation of such scope and scale.

The panel is attempting to piece together Trump’s pre-Jan. 6 efforts to overturn his election loss, his attempt to mobilize the Justice Department in support of that crusade and the thinking behind his effort to call supporters to Washington on the day Congress gathers to certify presidential election results.