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Democrat Mass Exodus Predicted – Author Claims Andrew Yang Just Started A Major Withdrawal Of Asians

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Democrats have long claimed they are the party that respects minority Americans. That supposedly included Asian Americans as much as anyone else. But former presidential candidate Andrew Yang sent shock waves through the party when he announced he was leaving.

This marks a major shift in how Americans view the Democrats.

It seems plenty of people are questioning the Democrats’ dedication to minority Americans. After all, under Joe Biden, the last thing Democrats seem to care about our citizens (see: the economy, inflation, and the border crisis). Now, an Asian American author is suggesting a mass exodus is about to happen.

From Fox News:

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang officially dumped the Democratic Party this week, and a prominent Asian American author feels it could be part of a mass exodus, as members of the Asian American community recognize the party that relies on identity politics isn’t for them…

“I know Yang, and I know that he is an ideas guy, and simply put, the Democratic Party is the home for identity politics, not the home for ideas.”

Author Kenny Xu blasted the Democratic Party after prominent member, Andrew Yang, left it. Xu criticized the party, saying it is not a party for “ideas” but “identity politics.”

Oh, leftists will probably bellyache over Xu’s assessment. But they are the ones who prove him right, every day. Democrats care more about the color of someone’s skin or ethnic background (or gender or sexuality), it seems, than the ideas they bring to the table.

Liberals once prided themselves on “diversity of thought” and the free exchange of ideas. But when was the last time you saw a Democrat who was open to a new idea? Instead, they go on and on about the race or gender of a person, rather than their ideas.

Democrats are quick to blast someone who is an “old, white man.” Despite the fact their party is run by an old white man. Xu hits the mark when he says Democrats appear uninterested in good ideas that can help the country.

Just look at the Biden administration. They keep failing, again and again. But do they look to Americans for input? Are they interested in better ideas for the country? Nope! They keep harping on their failed socialist agenda, dismissing anyone that disagrees with them.

But they’ll love it if you’re an ethnic minority that does what they say.

Xu is predicting Asian Americans will ditch the Democratic Party over this hypocrisy. But where will they go? Will they follow Yang to a new, independent party? Or will they defect to the right, where more and more leaders are embracing fresh voices and visions?

Source: Fox News