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Trump Caught Off Guard By Major Surge – Nearly Half Of Republicans Tell Donald That He Needs To Run

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Democrats thought they won by getting Trump out of the White House. Even today, they think he is the rearview mirror. The left believes that the country is theirs to do with as they please.

They really underestimate the MAGA movement, huh?

Even though he is censored from most social outlets, Trump continues to reach the American people. And as Biden fails, again and again, more Americans are looking toward the next time they can elect a president. And guess who many of them want back in the driver’s seat?

From Washington Examiner:

Support among Republicans for former President Donald Trump and his likely 2024 bid is surging, as is the rejection of any who decry him, according to new polling.

Instead of losing ground with Republicans, especially after leaving office, the Pew Research Center found that Trump is gaining and that nearly half want him to run again…

And in the latest sign of how the former president has turned the GOP into his own support group, two-thirds of Republicans told Pew that “their party should not be accepting of elected officials who criticize Trump.”

A poll from Pew Research reveals that support for Donald Trump among Republicans is growing. In fact, it appears to be higher than ever before. The poll showed that most registered Republicans want him to run again. And if not him, someone who shares his America first agenda.

What’s even more interesting is that Republicans are becoming more hostile toward any “conservative” who is critical of the 45the president. A 63% majority of Republicans refuse to support candidates who oppose Trump.

This is not what Democrats were expecting. And it’s certainly not what the establishment wants. After successfully removing Trump from office, these clowns hoped that he’d just fade into the distance. By blocking him from social media, they were ensuring he couldn’t continue connecting with Americans.

Boy, were they wrong. Trump has only gotten more popular among Republicans. And, as Biden continues to destroy the country, even independents and others are looking for someone else. Who better to regain the reins, than someone that actually knows what he is doing?

Just think about this. After nearly six years of slander, Trump is only getting more popular. The liberal machine has churned out movies, books, thousands of articles and videos attacking Trump. They have devoted much of their lives to painting him as a monster.

And more people want him to run again than they did just a short time ago.

What does that tell you about the liberal establishment? They are not only corrupt but totally out-of-sync with real Americans.

Let’s hope they really get disappointed, come 2024.

Source: Washington Examiner