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Biden Finally Cracks Under Pressure From Protesters – Joe Breaks Down Over Their Signs, Claims 81 Million Voted For Him

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A surprising trend has been growing around the country. During many sporting events in recent days, fans have been chanting. Have they been rooting for the home team? Nope! They’ve been cursing Joe Biden’s name.

Normally, Joe is totally unaware of what is going on in the country. But it seems like this finally made it back to him.

A gracious president would just forget about it. A clever president like Trump would have a winning comeback. What did Biden do? Well, let’s just say his response was far from impressive.

From Daily Wire:

An irritated President Joe Biden on Tuesday evening reacted to his chilly reception in Michigan, boasting to his hundreds of protesters — many holding “f*** Joe Biden” signs — that he won the 2020 election with a record 81 million votes.

Yes, Biden was so beloved by so many voters, that today they are cursing his name from coast to coast! Biden is leaning on his victory from 2020 to rebut the growing hatred we are seeing. Apparently, the man doesn’t realize people can change their minds. Seems desperate to us.

Sure, some Americans voted for him last year. But many of those same Americans have seen Biden renege on every one of his promises. He is not “building back better,” when inflation is out of control and the country is about to default. He is not “uniting” Americans, as he promised in January.

And he’s certainly not a president for both Republicans and Democrats, as he once said he’d be. In fact, he has been ignoring Americans, from either party, as he pushes a toxic, unpopular agenda.

Biden has always been an arrogant man who refuses to listen to others. As a senator and vice president, he seemed to think that people should just bow down and worship him. He even treats the media with contempt, when they dare challenge him.

Knowing that there are so many Americans outraged with his failed leadership must really chafe his hide. Biden can’t accept the fact that there are people out there, even former supporters, that are ticked off. Worse still, he refuses to admit his failures and change his agenda—for the good of the country.

Maybe we need a few more people shouting, so he’ll get the message?

Source: Daily Wire