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Hillary Clinton Takes Veiled Swipes At Trump ‘President Dumb’ And Biden ‘Fool’ In New Book Of Fiction

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She just can’t quit him. Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton has a new book out and she is of course taking swipes at former President Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton went on Seth Myers’s show to promote her debut political thriller written, with Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny, which happens to have a character modeled after Trump.

During an interview on Monday’s episode of “Late Night,” Seth Meyers pointed out that Hillary’s book, “State of Terror,” has a “reckless” former president from Palm Beach, Florida as a character who is “delusional,” Republican, and was nicknamed “President Dumb.”

“Well, a lot of people live in Palm Beach,” Clinton said.

“Was he inspired by anyone?” Meyers asked.

“He is fictional, Seth. He is fictional,” said Clinton. “However, having lived through the prior four years, it wasn’t too hard to imagine.”

The ‘reckless’ former president is ‘someone who gets the country into a lot of trouble,’ Clinton said of the character. 

“Some of it of his own making and some of it because he doesn’t understand how other bad actors are actually using him, so it wasn’t too difficult for Louise and me to think about this fictional former president.”

The Guardian also notices Hillary taking a veiled swipe at Biden as well. From The Guardian:

In State of Terror, such parallels are further encouraged by the America presented. The US has recently been ruled by “delusional” Republican President Eric Dunn (his first name shared with one of Donald Trump’s sons), who was nicknamed “President Dumb” while running an administration of “near-criminal incompetence” that became “increasingly deranged”.

The worst thing done by Dunn is to have “pulled out of a nuclear accord with Iran”, as Trump did. In Rodham Clinton and Penny’s efficiently suspenseful scenario, Dunn’s dumbness has increased the possibility of terrorist groups buying or stealing nuclear weapons and using them against the US.

The crazed, dangerous Dunn is followed into office by a Democrat, Doug Williams, who Ellen considers “rude” and a “fool”. Hard Choices, Rodham Clinton’s 2014 memoir, is tough on then vice-president Joe Biden.

So the novel can reasonably be read as settling scores with both the man who beat her – Dunn is not far short of an elected Hannibal Lecter – and the man who then bested him. British readers may also be struck that Downing Street, on Zoom calls, is represented by “Prime Minister Bellington, his hair askew as always”, who is prone to “entitlement and random Latin phrases”. Prison warders’ belts contain fewer clanking keys.

All the antagonists are male, reasonably reflecting both America’s political history and Rodham Clinton’s own. Expectedly, but effectively, the book targets Washington misogyny: when Ellen jets in from another marathon diplomatic trip, political enemies and news pundits of both sexes sneer at her plane-hair and creased pantsuit.

Secretary Adams is more human, warm and amusing than even Rodham Clinton’s admirers have often found her to be, although the side of the real politician that can seem reluctant to admit any wrong may be glimpsed in scenes justifying the use of non-official communications channels. (Revelation of HRC’s use of a private email server for state department business dogged her 2016 run.)