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Kamala Harris Busted Using Child Actors For Space Video In Latest PR Disaster For Embattled VP

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Vice President Kamala Harris can’t seem to do anything right raising more questions about her competence for the job. Now she has another PR disaster on her hands after she was busting using child actors for her YouTube series called “Get Curious with Vice President Harris.”

Trevor Bernardino, a 13-year-old actor from Carmel, California, said he submitted a monologue to be considered for the show “and then after that, like a week later, my agent called me, and he’s like, ‘Hey Trevor, you booked it.’”

“All five of them are actors,” Bernardino’s father, Carlo, said. “He’s a child actor, he’s been trying to do this type of thing for a while. And so he has a manager and an agent in LA and they send him castings,” Bernardino said.

“This was a casting call, a very specific one where he had to write essentially a monologue about what he’s really passionate about and he wrote a monologue about the environment.”

“It was pitched to my son and us as a pilot,” he said, but if the show goes on will “depend on the reaction and what the producers want to do — our hope is that it gets picked up.”

Trevor said:

“The most exciting part was definitely meeting Vice President Harris. There’s nothing that can top that. Like honestly, she just sat us down. She’s super charismatic. She’s everything that I ever thought of her, plus more.

“She made me feel like one of her peers, and at the time, I felt super important. I was talking to her face to face.” 

“We are over the moon to be working with Vice President Harris on this exciting special that encourages kids to ask questions and explore space,” said Nadine Zylstra, head of family, learning, and impact for YouTube Originals.

“Upholding our commitment to inspiring kids’ interests and learning, this special delivers quality, educational programming to our young viewers around the globe — and it’s pretty cool to have the Vice President of the United States and astronaut Shane Kimbrough help us do it.”

Harris said in one highly panned segment:

“I love the idea of exploring the unknown.

“And then, there’s other things that we just haven’t figured out or discovered yet. 

“To think about so much that’s out there that we still have to learn, like, I love that.

I love that. And so, I’m very excited about the Space Council.

“We’re going to learn so much, you’re going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. With your own eyes. I’m telling you,” she said.