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Senator Jim Jordan Goes Head To Head With Lefty Nadler – Fight Breaks Out Over Showing A Video Of Concerned Parents

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Democrats are growing increasingly desperate. As the midterm elections approach, they are watching their futures go down the drain. Perhaps that’s why the few of them with power in Congress go so far to abuse it.

We’ve seen this from Pelosi, who tried to arrest visitors to Congress who didn’t wear masks. And we are seeing it from House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler. Nadler, who crashed and burned during Trump’s impeachment, is leading a hearing about AG Garland’s campaign against American parents.

Republican Jim Jordan wanted to show a video crucial to the hearing. But Nadler went on a power trip, blocking it.

From The Hill:

Nadler objected to Jordan showing the footage on the grounds that the Ohio Republican did not provide 48 hours notice to the committee before showing the video…

“What’s out of order is that there is no rule that requires a 48-hour notice, that’s what out of order,” Jordan said…

“Mr. Chairman, obviously you’re not going to let us play it and obviously you’re going to censor us, which is sort of the conduct of the left today it seems and Democrats today it seems,” Jordan responded.

Democrat Jerry Nadler blocked an important video from being played during a hearing with AG Garland. The video showed American parents at a school board discussing the dangers of critical race theory. The video was applicable to the hearing, but Nadler blocked it on suspect grounds.

Nadler claimed Jordan did not give the committee 48-hour’s notice before the hearing, in what appears to be a technicality. Jordan fired back, saying this was not a rule, but simply a piece of protocol. It’s hard not to believe that Nadler blocked this video because it would undermine his own agenda.

He appeared to be abusing his power–being head of the committee–so he could get his way. We shouldn’t be surprised to find out that Nadler was on Garland’s side, who tried to sic the DOJ on parents who simply challenged local school boards.

Rep. Jordan blasted Nadler for his power trip. He accused Democrats of trying to “censor” Republicans, saying it is the “sort of conduct” common among liberals today.

Source: The Hill